World Records Held By Dogs – Dog Podcast #001

One thing Mimi and Dad found out through a little research is that there are a ton of world records made by dogs or made with dogs.  You can imagine we had a good time looking for some fun world records to share on the podcast. We also found some very interesting videos to go along with each world record.


There is a dog that goes by the name of Geronimo.  Geronimo is a 2 year old female Border Collie and Kelpie mix.  Geronimo’s owner is Samantha Valle.  Geronimo set the record for most skips (jumps) in one minute by skipping 91 times.  This dog does what most people can’t do which is pretty amazing.  In the video you will see Geronimo jumping double dutch.  He jumps in on his own and gets jumping.  Geronimo set the world record on May 13, 2012.


Word Record For Being The Tallest Dog Ever

We don’t know whether to congratulate this dog or feel bad for him.  This giant dog named Zeus is a Great Dane and he measures 1.118 m or 44 inches tall. The record was set on October 4, 2011.  Zeus’s owners are Denise Doorlag and her family from Ostego, Michigan in the United States.  Mimi and I wondered if it is really fun to have a dog this big or whether it is a drag.  We suppose you would have to have a very large vehicle for Zeus to travel around in if you want to take him places with you.  According to his owner Zeus weighs 155 pounds.  I remember weighing that much….in 1995 🙁  Zeus also likes sleeping in his owners bed and when he gets thirsty he drinks from the kitchen faucet.  You can see the official record by clicking here.


 World Record For The Smallest Dog Ever

Everyone loves a small dog.  Well we think most people do as it has been a growing trend.  The world record for being the smallest dog ever is held by a female Chihuahua called Milly.  Milly measured 9.65 cm (3.8 inches) tall on February 21, 2013. Milly is owned by Vanesa Semier of Dorado, Puerto Rico.  Milly was born on December 1, 2011.


 Largest Dog Walk Record

The largest dog walked ever had 22, 742 dogs that took part in the Great North Dog Walk.  The Great NorthDog Walk was organized by Anthony Carlisle of the United Kingdom and it was held on the Leas, South Shields, Tyne & Wear on June 12, 2011. There were apparently 182 different dog breeds that took part in the event.   The video below is that of a world record attempt in the UK.


World Record For The Fastest Tightroping Dog

Tight roping (generally speaking) is no easy task.  Imagine doing that with four little numbs like a dog would have to do.  Ozzy from Northfolk in the United Kingdom and a Border Collie/Kelpie mix set the record for the “Fastest Crossing of a Tightrope by a Dog.”


Worlds Fattest Dog

We weren’t quite sure if this was the fattest dog but she sure was a big one.  Cassie of Kenilworth Warwickshire  at her heaviest was 9 stones or 128 pounds.  This Boarder Collie thankfully has lost weight  (half her body weight) and is about 60 pounds now.  The video below shows her transformation.

I am sure that Mimi will be looking forward to sharing other world records held by dogs in the future.  Dogs are amazing creatures and Mimi has a true love for them.  I hope you follow Mimi on her journey to someday being a Veterinarian.