The Dog Podcast Introduction- Episode 000

Dog Podcast duo

In first of many episodes of the Dog Podcast with your host Mimi and her dad we have a fun time discussing what the podcast is going to be about and all the ideas we have for future shows.  In addition to what is discussed in the podcast I (dad) am hoping that you find this podcast fun and entertaining while we discuss dogs.  Mimi loves dogs and learning about dogs.  This podcast will be a fun journey for us and for you to follow.

There are plenty of dog podcast shows available.  Most  shows have stopped making episodes. No dog podcast to my knowledge includes a father daughter duo.  So if you are looking for a family friendly podcast for dog lovers and for children then I think this podcast might be right for the whole family. Be sure to share this podcast with your friends and give us a 5 star rating on iTunes.

Thanks for listening!

Dad and Mimi



  1. Great job!